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PitchiPoy Rig

"Automated Rigging Tool - In House Development"

PitchiPoy Rig

Studio PitchiPoy:

This is an automatic rigging tool we developed based on Blender's built-in "Rigify" system. You can download it for free at our GitHub page: Install: Replace original Rigify (\scripts\addons\rigify) This tool provides users with a very quick rigging solution, via highly customizable and feature rich rig types. These pieces can be combined to create a "meta-rig" that automatically generates all the necessary controllers, constraints, drivers and relationships for easily animatable characters and other assets. It also comes with a complete human-character meta-rig with IK and FK limbs, a highly optimized torso rig, a complex face-rig inspired by facial muscles, support for any number of limb and torso bone segments, a soft-ik mechanism, IK/FK switching and many other features. This system was developed at PitchiPoy Animation Productions for our upcoming feature film "Baldy Heights", and was since used in several other projects, including a TV spot for the Coca Cola Mini. The rig was designed by Kfir Merlaub, and the scripting was performed by Tamir Lousky and Kfir Merlaub. For more information about our work, visit our website:


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